So Close to the city.

Only 100 Km from the #5 & #41 Junction. Pavement all the way and you are sitting on your lot and relaxing. 

Create Family Memories.

You only have a short time to create the memories at the lake. What better time than now to get the spot and build the memories as a family

Great fishing and a deep lake.

The fishing is for Walleye and it is great. But don't tell too many people. This lake is as deep as 70' in spots, but on average between 20' and 45' with pockets of islands.

It's your time

Create the family memories now while it is still affordable. A lake where it is quiet and relaxed is hard to find this close to town. If you go to the lake to fish, hike and play and not to be seen, this will be your oasis!! 


Come for the fishing stay to relax.

​25% off call 306-241-7929

Fall Specials

Don't know where to start, we have a wide array of professionals to help. Our Engineer would be more than happy to help get you started. Plus many of the trades people you might need have bought lots already. Just ask we can help. 

Personalized Help

Sunset on Shannon isn't just for the summer, it's a great escape in the winter as well. They say the fishing is a little tougher, but a BBQ on the ice still makes it a great day.

Being so close to town, you can make a real weekend of it or just spend the evening, sleep over, go to work in the morning


Whether you're looking for an afternoon excursion, a vacation or something special like a family reunion you can enjoy the great outdoors any time of year.

Sunset on Shannon is Great in the Winter as well




Come for the fishing stay to relax.

Sunset on Shannon


Why Sunset on Shannon ?

Get in while still affordable.

You won't find lakefront lots of this size on many lakes and so close to town. Smallest is 25mx50 (82'x164')

Largest is 32m x 108  (104' x 354')